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Notice: CDBG Survey to be Conducted

On August 28 and 19, and September 4, 5, and 6, the City of Clarion will have a contracted survey crew conducting a survey of residents to obtain information to determine eligibility for the City to apply for grant programs to help with the cost of improvements to the City’s water treatment system.

The City desires to apply for grant funds to help finance the construction of improvements to the City’s water treatment plant. The grants, if approved, would help pay for a portion of the project cost. A grant, as opposed to a loan, would not have to be paid back by the City. If the City receives the grant(s), the total cost of the projects will not have to be raised through local taxes, rates increase, or other revenues.

The survey will involve three questions:

· Question pertaining to the support for projects to improve the City’s water system

· Question asking whether the total household income is above or below a set dollar amount depending on family size.

The questions regarding the income of the household is VERY IMPORTANT and will determine eligibility for the grant programs and are critical to the success of the application. Program guidelines require this information to be a part of each application. If the incomes of a majority of individuals in the survey are higher than the median income limits the City will not be eligible for the grant programs.

The surveys are completely CONFIDENTIAL and do need not be signed. All information is totally anonymous and only the collective summary data is used for reporting purposes.

The cooperation of residents in completing this survey is greatly appreciated.

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