Annual Publication of Grass and Weeds Ordinance

April 5, 2019


1. Every owner shall cut, mow, and maintain all grass, weeds, and brush upon the owner’s property
and adjacent to the curb line or outer boundary of any street, which shall include the parking area
abutting the owner’s property, to a uniform height as defined in Section 52.04.
2. Every owner shall cut, mow, and maintain grass, weeds, and brush adjacent to the curb line,
including the parking area abutting the owner’s property, in such a manner so as to be in conformity
with and at an even height with all other grass, weeds or brush growing on the remainder of the
owner’s property.
52.04 UNIFORM HEIGHT SPECIFICATIONS. Grass, weeds, and brush shall be cut, mowed, and
maintained so as not to exceed the following height specifications:
1. Developed residential, business, and industrial areas — not to exceed eight inches (8”);
2. Infill residential lots – not to exceed eight inches (8”);
3.Undeveloped Residential Areas — not to exceed ten inches (10”).
4. Agriculture Areas — not to exceed fifteen inches (15”).
52.06 ABATEMENT NOTICE AND PROCEDURE. Annual publication of Chapter 52 of this Code in
an official newspaper shall serve as notice to property owners.
1.Upon discovery of the first violation of this chapter per subdivided lot within a mowing year, a notice
shall be given to the property owner. A reasonable time within which to complete the abatement,
not to exceed five (5) calendar days; and after the reasonable time period for the initial violation
has passed, the City shall abate the nuisance without further notice. Subsequent violations per
subdivided lot in a mowing year shall not require notice prior to the City’s abatement of the nuisance.
52.07 MOWING IN THE STREET. No property owner shall cut, mow, or deposit in any fashion
any grass, weeds, brush, or leaves upon a City street. Property owners found to be in violation of
this section shall be fined $30 for the first occurrence in a mowing year, and $60 for subsequent
A complete copy of this Ordinance is available at City Hall.


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